Our Journey is the Destination!

There is no where else to go! Enjoy the moment you are in. Now!  We are already there! Our journey is the destination.  The end of the destination, is the end of the journey and a part of your life.  The moment we understand that the present moment, Good or Bad, Happy or Sad, Comforting […]

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Stop Seeking, Start Living

All the Time, We Search and Seek for, GOD, Who is, Benevolent, Merciful, And Omnipresent, With Powers,  Beyond Imagination, Surely He has Given Us, Everything,  Here and Now, So All that is left for us, Is To pay Gratitude, For All the Abundance, And Heaven in Earth, There is, No where else to go, Only […]

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Likes for GOD

We Work Very Hard, Day and Night, Blogging, Or Something Else, To Get, Appreciation, Credits, And Many Likes, Likewise GOD, In Millions of Years, Created Heaven on Earth, Does Not He Deserve, Many More Prayers, Of Gratitude and Thanks, And Many More Likes,

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Just Another Day in Office

I created You Humans, With other Living Beings, With Right of Life, Survival of the Fittest, As the Natural Clause, You Evolved your Intelligence, But failed to Understand, Prophecy of my Prophets, Why I Created Millions, Life forms and You, There was No Reason, For these are Miracles, Beyond Your Imaginary Comprehension, But for me, […]

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True Blogger

Hey Blogger, Act, Before Writing, Believe and Pray, To write,  Of GOD, Do Emphathise, Forgive Forget, To Pen, Verses Compassionate, Travel Light, Live, Be Happy, To Paint, Life on Canvas, Attitude Positive, Will Enable, To Cross, Any Hurdle, And, Voracious, Reading Writing, Striving Continuosly, For Excellence, Will, Make You, A True Blogger,

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True Love

I see, Roo, What you do, Feel, Your Prayers, Blessings, Kindness and Abundance, What you say, Think, Your small gestures, At our home, Every day, Are without saying, Nothing but, Your True Love, For me, Like wise, I Too, Do,

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School of Life

Children Go, Learn at School, Thereafter, Progressives Continue, Status Quo and Regressives, Stop Growing, As School concludes, Realize, School of Life, Never Stops, Teaching a Lesson, Or Two,

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You Know

You know, Who You are, Whom I, Thank Again and Again, With Gratitude to GOD, For bringing, All the Abundance, Love, In my Life, My Better, And Best, Half,

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