A Sweet Home

“It is been a hard days night and I have been working like a dog. But when I get home to you I find the things that you do, makes me feel alright….” These are the lyrics of the Beatles song sung way back in 1964. The song signifies the importance of “Home” and our […]

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I am Proud of You

I am proud of you, To see you, Standing up, To meet the life challenges, In you I see, The passion never seen, A burning desire, To excel, to do good, For others, A spiritual Journey, Has just begun, As you choose the path, Full of ups and downs, Never loose sight, On what you […]

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Get Back to Basics

What to do, what not, That is the question, So many thoughts, Simple and complex, Humans are in midst, Of internet explosion, Older gen getting used to, Newer on apps from birth, One could see clearly, The good and bad, Are more easily accessible, Definitely needs discretion, Therefore need to slowdown, And practice stillness, Do […]

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Always Choose to be Happy

No end to our needs, Sky is the limit, Did we ever realise, What we already have, Never! more is always less, More and more we want, What we have we do not value, While progress is a neccessity, But contentment is important, To be able to balance life, We must always be grateful, For […]

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Universal Unity and Love

You detach from everything, Only to seek and understand, The oneness of everything, Oneness of the World, And that you have to only move, Hand in hand with each other, You do not detach to remain alone, And make someone feel lonely, Creator has infused in Living beings, And Nature and environment, To coexist and […]

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Honey Just Keep Going

As the Friday news arrived, Giving you a new opportunity, With Gratitude to Master, And Humbleness always, Be real Passionate, To do good to others, Stay focussed on your dream, Make it happen, For the path to success, Has twist and turns, Be firm with resolve, That nothing will deter you, As you are the […]

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We Must Change

We can change, We must change, For the better, By constant, Painstaking efforts, It is very much possible, Only you have to decide first, That I Will change, Then work towards it, And You Will,

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The Same End

Alone each one of us, But the Divine Energy is common, Amongst us, We are different, But made of same elements, We think different, Choose different path, But meet the same end,

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Lifeful of Abundances,

I have got the gift, Of life, From creator, Then he gave me, And other living beings  too, Ability of senses, To live in luxury, Feel, taste, sense every bit, Of what the planet offers, It is already The Heaven, Do Believe, Actually being human, There is nothing, Which has not been given, By the […]

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Because You are My Honey

You are so sweet, You are so very cute, I love to keep looking at you, I love to so much love you, You are a Princess, You are my Eternal Bliss, I see and know the Child in you, I am madly in Love with you, Pretty Kind Gentle Simple, You are exceptionally Sweet, […]

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