Why Sun shines every morning? Why the Earth is moving so precisely around the Sun? Why Earth is only a mote of dust in the vast Universe? Why the Sea goes to the  shore? Why the Tides climb with Moon? Why the season changes? Why does it rain? Why the rivers have perrenial source of […]

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All Things Must Pass

The meaning of Life Each one thinks We know And act as if Life is permanent Alas Unknown that life  Creates only history Out of future mystery All things must pass Either you quit Or life quits you Means the same So when We quit In to a history That too shall Pass

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Be A Cut Above Rest

Have Grit, For Perseverance, Work Hard, Push Yourself, Nobody Else, Will Do, Achieve Impossible, Believe Yourself, Decide First, Begin Now, If Enabled, You Can, Make Dissappear, Any Hurdle, To Achieve, Life Milestones, Remember Always, Fortune Favours, The Brave, Its True, The Grittier, Self Confident, Will Succeed, Your Aim, To Be, A Cut, Above Rest, My […]

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Our Journey is the Destination!

There is no where else to go! Enjoy the moment you are in. Now!  We are already there! Our journey is the destination.  The end of the destination, is the end of the journey and a part of your life.  The moment we understand that the present moment, Good or Bad, Happy or Sad, Comforting […]

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Stop Seeking, Start Living

All the Time, We Search and Seek for, GOD, Who is, Benevolent, Merciful, And Omnipresent, With Powers,  Beyond Imagination, Surely He has Given Us, Everything,  Here and Now, So All that is left for us, Is To pay Gratitude, For All the Abundance, And Heaven in Earth, There is, Nowhere else to go, Only Present […]

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Likes for GOD

We Work Very Hard, Day and Night, Blogging, Or Something Else, To Get, Appreciation, Credits, And Many Likes, Likewise GOD, In Millions of Years, Created Heaven on Earth, Does Not He Deserve, Many More Prayers, Of Gratitude and Thanks, And Much More Likes,

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I created You Humans, With other Living Beings, With Right of Life, Survival of the Fittest, As the Natural Clause, You Evolved your Intelligence, But failed to Understand, Prophecy of my Prophets, Why I Created Millions, Life forms and You, There was No Reason, For these are Miracles, Beyond Your Imaginary Comprehension, But Just Another […]

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True Blogger

Hey Blogger, Act, Before Writing, Believe and Pray, To write,  Of GOD, Do Emphathise, Forgive Forget, To Pen, Verses Compassionate, Travel Light, Live, Be Happy, To Paint, Life on Canvas, Attitude Positive, Will Enable, To Cross, Any Hurdle, And, Voracious, Reading Writing, Striving Continuosly, For Excellence, Will, Make You, A True Blogger,

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