A Better Place to Live

We Think and We know, That we are always Right, But alas the Real Truth, Is that we all have Shortcomings, If we had realised that in time, And improved ourselves, We would have been happier, And made this World, A Better Place to live, 

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Life full of Miracles

Life itself is a Miracle, So we are living Miracles, So I believe in Miracles, We have yet to see many more Miracles, It’s quite routine and normal to see Miracles, Why we have to run after the Creator of Miracles? While He could be amongst us in one of the Miracles, So Celebrate Relish […]

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The Heaven is On Earth

Thankyou God! You have a very good taste! Aquamarine full of Life, With Magical Colours and Splendid Corals, Blue Sky with Magnificient Clouds, Beauty of a Rainbow after a Cool Rain, Green Forests with Floura and Fauna, Breath of Fresh Air to all the Beings, Curvy Flowing Rivers and Mountains Sky high, Spread of White […]

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True Purpose of Life

We all live on, just for the sake of Living, Are we not supposed to be always Giving, Back to the nature and to all that Existing, We have not been created for Nothing, Every thing has a purpose in its Lifetime, With the Creators mind you be in Chimes, First to know yourself you […]

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Love Is

Love is to Accept you as you are, It is to respect you like a Star, Is to make Time for you, To be compassionate to you, Love is to trust you and be trustworthy, It is to show care and empathy, Is to bring moments of joyous surprise, To lovingly look in your eyes, […]

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Autumn Leaves

I am deeply rooted to principles, I stand steadfast, Against all storms, I take the brunt of the sunburn, I give shades of love and no harm, You throw stones, fruits I return, Cut me down, for you I burn, I am your food, I am your shelter, To give others more, I yearn, I […]

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Full of Pleasure, to seek Happiness, A Childlike Excitement, to any Surprise, A feel of Pain, to what Tragedy Brings, Unbound Enjoyment, in doing what I am loving, A True and Real Awareness, to My Surroundings, A Positive Reaction, to whatever an Action Brings, A Kind Sensibility, calm with patience, to Adverse Situations, A Heartfelt […]



Keep looking at you mesmerised, I believe, I am very fortunate, You are my sweetheart, I am blessed, You with me forever, destined by fate, Almighty is so generous and kind, Given us gifts over and above, of one life, Rarest Gem I have, which none can find, You are purest body and soul dearest […]