No-where or “Now-here”

Where are you Going? Have you ever given a thought to this common question? If I ask you? You will say, “I am going to office, man” or you may say, ” I have taken a day off from office and going to meet my wife who is in London”. Ok, but where are you […]

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Write or Wrong

If you can Write, you have a Chance, To be a Right person, doing Right, If you listen to your Better Half, You will always Choose, Right, Over the wrong, however Tough, But if you are Loving, Compassionate, Forgiving, and Caring, as a Individual, You are on Right Path, If you are constantly Worrying, About […]

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A Transient Body

Is it really mine. My Body, I mean. Or it belongs to the creator. Let us take an example. If you make a Robot, does it belong to the person who has made it or the Robot owns itself. Did I hear someone say “I own it”. Is it really? Seriously? So can you create […]

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Make A Routine Worth Living

Wake up at 4:00 am. Refresh. Sit quite for 20 min next to nature. Do Meditation for 30 min. Write, read for 1 Hour. Plan your day for 10 min. Go for a Run, else just walk. Freshen up. Have Breakfast like a King. And Go Out to Live Another Day. Have a Meal. Once […]

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Improve Our Own Self

If you trust yourself, Then others will trust you, Listen to yourself, Others will listen to you, Have faith in yourself, Before developing faith of others, Improve own self, Others will too, Face the Man in the Mirror, And be able to look eye to eye, We are responsible to improve, Only one person in […]

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Nature is Always Awake

It is the nature of ‘Nature’ to remain awake always, 24/7. Did we ever realise that? We sleep. But our body parts work constantly. Sleep is only to give rest to us, so that we regain energy. But deep inside many body functions are happening continuosly which keep us alive. If those parts stop functioning […]

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Journey is the Reward

“Little do ye know your own blessedness, for to travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive, and the true success is to labor” Robert Louis Stevenson quote from Virginbus Puerisque, 1881. Stevenson expressed the same earlier Taoist saying, “The Journey is the Reward”

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