Why I Write?

To express those fleeting thoughts, To freeze time, To know deep down who you are, To help others? To improve, To create something new, To achieve, To prove? To love yourself, To love and care for others, To love GOD, Is it? Why I write? Advertisements

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Short Stories: Be Kind

The young boy Sanjay in a wheelchair saw another student Ram, apparently new to the college, desperately struggling on crutches with a broken leg and unable to carry his bagpack and books. Sanjay said, ‘Hey buddy can I help you?’ Ram was surprised and said, ‘Ok, thankyou so much’. Sanjay then helped Ram carry his […]

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Thank God

Thank God! For you are Asthetic in your creations. Our Plants, Whisper that you are in them, And that you are Within Us, And Everywhere, On this Earth, And in the Vast Multiverse, So Beautifully Perfect, See to Believe, Believe and feel, His presence, Everywhere,

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Beauty and Purity

Beauty is there, Surely, Everywhere, Purity was always there, In our origins, We See what is visible outside, To see what is Inside Us, The Beauty and Purity, We need to Seek, Inwards, in our Hearts, With closed Eyes, We Surrender, To our Master, Through Meditation,

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Short Stories: Never Give Up

One day an outstanding Engineer, MrTamseel Amjed was travelling from New Delhi to Bhopal. There was a young man sitting right next to him. Soon after exchange of pleasanteries a conversation started between them. It turned out that the young man was Amaan Khader and an aspiring Engineer too. He asked the outstanding Engineer,”What is […]

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I Know

I know, that you know,  That I know, that you know, that I know, That I love  and Care for you, Dear Rooh,

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Short Stories: Heartfulness Meditation

“Why do you meditate, Master?” asked the young innocent disciple. The master softly answered, “Young man, we need to format our mind by removing all the impressions and clutter which keep getting formed in our sub-conscious mind, every day” master continued, “then we try to make our heart as pure as possible through Heartfulness Meditation”. […]

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Short Stories: Do Let Go

The big wise elderly elephant lead the other younger and smaller elephants, slowly trudging along the beaten path to the lake in the midst of the jungle. The elephants were going to drink Gallons of water each, since they were all thirsty. Suddenly, right in front of them appeared a wild Boar fully drenched with […]

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