Short Stories: Heartfulness Meditation

“Why do you meditate, Master?” asked the young innocent disciple. The master softly answered, “Young man, we need to format our mind by removing all the impressions and clutter which keep getting formed in our sub-conscious mind, every day” master continued, “then we try to make our heart as pure as possible through Heartfulness Meditation”. […]

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Short Stories: Do Let Go

The big wise elderly elephant lead the other younger and smaller elephants, slowly trudging along the beaten path to the lake in the midst of the jungle. The elephants were going to drink Gallons of water each, since they were all thirsty. Suddenly, right in front of them appeared a wild Boar fully drenched with […]

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Short Stories: The Dogs Love 2

Dr Wisey Cool happily barked, loudly this time, “Very well said Mr Wag “. And all the Dogs in hall clapped and barked in unison and applauded for Mr Wag while giving a standing ovation. After the applause one leg went up and one labrador, Mr Straight, got up, “I too have few things to […]

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Short Stories: The Dogs Love 1

The old Dog Dr Wisey Cool with white flowing hair and a matching long beard was addressing the hall full of young student Dogs who were about to graduate from the Dogs Love People Academy(DLPA). He announced by barking softly, “And now the Dog who has excelled in this Academic year, Mr Inquisitive Wag will […]

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The Power of Free Will

The Power of Free Will has been given to us by God, so that we humans can use it to ‘Create’ something ‘Good’ or ‘Evil’.  If we choose the natural path we will use the ‘Free Will’ to create something good and positive, like, to spread love, compassion, empathy and do good for the living […]

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Short Stories: The Price Tags

The wise one said, “I had this strange dream last night” he continued, “Everything in our life including love, affection,  compassion, happiness, kindness, family, friends was at sale with huge discounts on price tags. There were very few takers here. Whereas, the price tags were huge on fame, ego, money and power where all people […]

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The Power of Thought

How do we achieve anything in life? What do we have to do? How do people go on and on and then win, say an olympic medal? In every achiever, every legend, there is one thing which is common. It is the thought which each one of then had taken to begin something. Whatever you […]

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