Our Papa A Bright Star

Pray you are happy, Our Papa, To see your near and dear, Working hard, as you did, On your footsteps without fear, A loving family, With model mother, A kind and caring wife and model, A Sincere girl and model worker, Each one has emulated you, With nerves of steel, None can love you, As […]

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Child Inside Me

Naughtiness was the norm, Laughter was in all form, Never worried of future, Infectious smile in life’s overtures, Happiness was the means, And not the end, for teens, Curious to all new feelings, Unaware of any dark dealings, Innocent in being human, None of malafide intentions, Wish to remain child like ever, Forgive and forget, […]

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You are my Rooh

Dearest Rooh full of heavenly charms All I want is you in my arms You are my real passion You are beginning and end of my fashion The way you smartly dress always dear Is another reason why I like to be always near You a God sent gift more precious than my life In […]

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Most of us lead a typical life. Each one of us go through all the possible emotions. Though we preach goodness and restraint often, but when the testing moment arrives we fail miserably. Anger takes over patience. We speak all that we regret later. Then what is way out? Is anything wrong in doing things […]

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Home is sweet, A family feat, Wish to be born here, And live forever, I swear, To fill it with Happiness, And Love and kindness, Make Sacrifice and take care, Its like an umbrella we share, Huddle together underneath, And take matching steps together, Around many deep obstacles, Over some high hurdles, Through this short […]

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Gratitude is always to the GOD. He has already given us so much. Showing gratitude towards the GODLY gifts is a must to lead a balanced contended life.  We must strive for excellence, we must explore new horizon and we must ever be learning newer things. But surely we must remember that there is nothing […]

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Father is a guiding light, He has a family which he adores, A wife who is a loving mother too, His children are always the Priority, He always says yes, Ever he is ready to sacrifice, An unconditional love he eminates, A Protector and a Soldier, At home and at Work, GOD gifted strength he […]

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We are nothing but, A quantum of Energy, We are born of it, And We disintegrate into energy, Life takes many forms, As per desire of the Creator GOD, Only the sole Energy is constant, Rest all physical life forms perish, Then energy takes rebirth, As a different form of life, Though we are just […]

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